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Who are We?

The Cornerstone Christian Counseling is a group of therapists each in private practice.  The Cornerstone provides a safe and serene space for individuals to seek therapy and healing for their individual needs.  Each therapist is a Christian and is available to provide Christian Counseling according to the needs of the client.

Our Story

The Cornerstone has been open since July 1, 1980.   Flo Bilelo, LCSW is the founding social worker who has a heart for the Lord and was interested in incorporating the Word of God with her work in counseling.  She spent many hours and days seeking God’s word to begin the journey.  Flo and her husband, Al, looked all over Bay County for a place to open up the Cornerstone.  When she was searching, Flo was introduced to a gentleman who informed her he had a piece of property that was meant for a special vision.  Flo shared her Cornerstone vision and he knew that the land was Holy Ground, to be used for something special.  They purchased the land and her husband, Al Bilelo, former owner (and now retired) of New Creations Builders designed and built the Cornerstone building.  Flo Bilelo, LSCW along with Lyman Rigby, LMFT, LMHC, LSP and Dr. Forrest Yanke, D. Phil, LCSW were some of the original therapists to begin the journey of providing Christian Counseling to the people of Northwest Florida.

We are thankful for the vision of Flo and Al Bilelo who have given us a place to love God’s people and share the gifts of therapy and healing with all who want understanding, growth, and knowledge.

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Next Steps...

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